Our Profile

It is a strategic priority for every West Africa nation to be self-sufficient in agricultural food production, and the journey to food security begins with quality foundation seed with undiluted purity.

ECOBasic Seed company is driven by the vision to produce foundation seeds of the highest quality and purity for hybrid seed production for seed companies, thereby enhancing profitability, productivity, and food security in West Africa

Through our production and supply of high-quality seed, we enhance the access to and availability of clean seed for commercial, to ensure optimal seed yield on the fields of seed producers and sufficient seed production for commercial use. We produce, process, and supply high-quality foundation seed to companies, organizations, and agencies across the Nigerian and West African seed markets.

The rate at which the newly improved varieties of Maize, Cowpea, and Rice spread among farmers in Nigeria is significantly lower than expected, giving birth to ECOBasic seed.

The GAP ECOBasicSeed Fills

Given the low adoption rate of hybrid maize in the country, ECOBasic Seed will utilize a multi-pronged marketing strategy targeted at each customer segment to create awareness about the use of hybrid seed. Our marketing strategy will focus on engaging primary and secondary customers to sell hybrid maize seed and influence production activities through direct engagement tactics such as in-person visits, phone calls, emails, and the use of demonstration plots to showcase the superiority of hybrids and drive demand.

It is abundantly clear that Hybrids are generally higher yielding than open-pollinated varieties if grown under suitable conditions.

 • Hybrids are uniform in color, maturity, and other plant characteristics, which enables the farmer to carry out some operations, such as harvesting at the same time. One of the barriers is the availability of quality foundation feed and the quantity: