What we offer

Addressing the existing challenge of limited availability and access to quality foundation seed in West Africa.

To Provide The Highest Quality Organic Products And Services.

We recognize the importance of utilizing high-quality early generation seed in commercial seed production and are serving as a catalyst for improved seed access and availability of high-quality seed for food production, through seed production.


Given the limited access of seed producers in Nigeria to quality foundation seeds for their commercial seed production. ECOBasic commenced its operation in Kaduna state, Nigeria, with a primary focus on the production of high-quality foundation seed for the seed sector. Through our production and supply of high-quality seed,…….


Thorough scientific breeding

Early Generation

Genetically pure

100% Organic

No chemicals


Maize Seeds

We offer maize seeds which are highly viable and good quality seeds for your maize plantation. The seeds are premium products that avail to farmers many important and desirable features including high grain yield and promiscuous harvest. The varieties have good husk cover and are suitably tolerant to drought.


PBR CowPea

 Cowpea production is affected by insect pests, especially the legume pod borer, Maruca vitratar, that causes the largest pre-harvest damages, reducing grain yield by up to 80% and lowering the quality of the grain. For the benefit of African farmers, African scientists identified PBR Cowpea (Bt cowpea), with in-built protection against Maruca damage

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